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(updated 18 Feb. 2013)

Plant inventories

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SALVIAS currently manages a database of vegetation inventories from around the world, with emphasis on the New World tropics. These include all 228 tenth ha plots from the Al Gentry forest transect dataset. Most inventories are one-time samples. However, SALVIAS also holds a growing number of permanent 1 ha plots, including some which have been censused more than once.

Methodologies used to collect these samples range from individuals-based samples, such as 0.1 ha and 1 ha forest plots, to cover- and density-based techniques, such as point-intercept. Anyone intending to combine different datasets for the purpose of an analysis should become familiar with the details of each methodology. For some analyses, it may not be appropriate to combine samples collected using different techniques.

Download format. Data are currently provided as downloads of comma-delimited text files. This format can be easily imported into any database or spreadsheet application. In the future, we will offer xml downloads as well. For detailed information on field names, data types, and pick-list field values of inventory data downloaded from SALVIAS, please see our SALVIAS Data Dictionary

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 The Alwyn H. Gentry Forest Transect Dataset

 Brad Boyle altitudinal gradient data set.

  OTS Costa Rican tenth hectare transect data set.

 RAINFOR 0.1 ha Madre de Dios, Peru forest transects.

 RAINFOR - 1 ha Peru permanent plots.

 Madidi Permanent Plots

 Madidi Transects

 Noel Kempf Forest Plots

 Noel Kempf Savanna Plots

 INW Vegetation Plots

 Cam Webb Borneo Forest Plots

 Dewalt Bolivia Forest Plots

 La Selva Secondary Forest Transects

 Bonifacino Forest Transects

To view maps showing the geographic locations of these inventories, click on the following links (currently only Gentry and Boyle plots shown; n = 265):
South America World

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